Friday, August 1, 2008

WALL-E - The best animation movie of the year so far...

The first time I saw the trailor of WALL-E, I just fell in love with the character WALL-E. The movie proved much better than the trailer.

The overview of the story is: The earth is so polluted that human race has abandoned earth and moved to somewhere in the space and they are living in a luxury spaceship like modern day luxury cruise ships, with lots of entertainment and nothing to do for humans as all the work is done by robots.

While selfish mankind is relaxing on the luxury cruise space sheep for last 700 years, on earth there in one guy [robot] working and cleaning out mess created by human race, his name is WALL-E [Waste Allocation Load Lifter - E

arth-Class]. For 700 years WALL-E and his kind is doing one job and one job only, collect all the waste from surrounding areas, compact it [in a crusher in his tummy] and arrange it in piles. While doing this WALL-E also found some items which interests him and he keeps them in his garage like home, also WALL-E has a friend, a live one!! a small cockroach!! who follows WALL-E wherever he goes. The chemestry[!] between WALL-E and the cockroach is really great, without saying a word they communicate lot of affection for each other. Also, WALL-E has a favourite hobby!! watching songs from the movie Hello Dolly!! specially the scene where the man and woman hold their hands... [how sweet!!].

But one day, his life is changed, A spaceship lands near his area and there he sees the most beautiful but most modern female robot he has ever seen!! EVE [I swear I hear EVA in the movie...].. And our cute little hero falls in love with EVE at first sight... but EVE has other plans!! What? Where did she came from? Will she falls in love with WALL-E? What will WALL-E do to win EVE’s heart? Kyaa yeh Low Tech aur High Tech ka milan ho paayega? Kyaa yeh high tech Samaaj, hamare Low Tech WALL-E ko apana pyaar haasil karne dega?? Jaanane ke liye dekhe... Shaitani chudel ka badla.. ;-) just joking... Go and Watch WALL-E! you will not going to regret it... I promise, if you don’t like it. I will give you your money back!

More ABout the movie:

Pixar has done it again.. After the cutest sea fish Nemo, they have created even cuter and loveable character called WALL-E. A robot but by no means heartless... WALL-E has a heart of a greatest lover like Raanza or Romeo and determination like Sachin Tendulkar to win EVE’s heart.

The way Pixar has created the robot and the way they have shown his daily routine without any dialog [there are few dialogs like the words WALL-E and EVE are there, which sounds so heavenly.. that you yourself will repeat WALL-E and EVE [in WALL-E’s voice] long after you watched the movie..] the first half or the sequences in Earth are the best part of the movie, without any dialog the characters are communicating so much of warmth, humour and love that you will just not notice that you are watching a cartoon movie, and the characters are not talking to eachother!

The Second half is more like your regular adventure movie with fight scenes and escapes etc, which is also very much fun.. but nothing can beat the first half.

All and all, amazing movie with heart and soul and power to melt your heart. Go and Watch it, I know you will love it!

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