Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Happening! Not happening at all!!!

Spent £27 on two tickets of this movie this weekend. Just wanted it to be avarage movie with bit of drama, suspense and some good logic behind it! but after watching this mutlimillion blockbuster??!! I am highly disappointed. M Night Syamalan has totally lost his edge as a director, It’s not as half as the signs or the Village.. The story is about something happens in the environment in North Eastern US States of New York and Pennsilvania which switch off people’s sense of safety and they started to kill themselves, throwing themselves from roofs, shooting themselves etc.
The protagonist of the movie Elliot Moore(Mark Wahlberg) is a professor in the university in Pennsilvania and suddenly find himself in the middle of this madness where people are killing themselves around him and he leads group of people to safety as far as possible from the centre of the action, can he save them? can he save himself? What’s the reason behind this phenomena, is it a terrorist attack or is it an act of nature or aliens? You will find out the reason only if you watch The Happening... [Not worth watching though] The concept is really engaging but the narration and the suspense is not unfortunately..

But is it worth watching in the theatres? NO... Seriously watch it when a DVD is out or when it’s on the TV, don’t waste your money... Really disappointed on M Night Syamalan, I think this is the second movie produced by UTV with big hollywood production house, though they may have already recovered the money from the bumper US opening and decent Euroean showing I don’t think many people liked it, especialy critics and people like me who spent fortune on watching the movie despite have their unlimited monthly movies card... :-( All and a poor effort from M Night Syamalan and another time waster...                   

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