Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarkar Raaj - A review

When decided to watch this movie, didn’t had much expectation as Ramu’s previous mis-adventures were complete time wasters. But once the lights got dimmed and the screen came to life, I just drifted in the intense performances and tight storylines without any fat!!... That’s what Ramu is known for and somehow before this movie he has lost his grip on the film making, but with Sarkar Raj, Ramu is back and back with a bang!!

The story is also gripping, it started off where the first movie Sarkar ended, with Abhishake bacchan having cup of tea!! But as soon as you see him sitting there in the chair you instantly know that you are here for reallly good ride, with power packed performances from The Bacchans, pretty bahu Aish and all the baddies, but the main surprise is the guy who is the grandson of Rao Saab... The boy has a power and stroke of acting too.. Subtle performances from Raao Saab and the wife of Amitabh [Supriya pathak] and small role from Victor Banergee too.

This how an indiam novie should be made, cut out all the fat, just concentrate on story and the performances, be true to your story and audiences and the movie will be great. Not a single unnecessary shot or piece of music! And to top it all the suspense!! when you thought you have seen it all, the suspense will clean bold you!

All and all a great movie, one of the best from Ramu and worth every penny.. 5/5. A must watch!                   

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